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TEMCo is a Transformer Manufacturer You Can Trust - a Member of The Better Business Bureau. TEMCo  Is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.  Offering Stock and Custom Transformers.

TEMCo is a Standard and Custom Transformer Manufacturer you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau.

3 Phase Motor Control

Quality Built Standard and Custom 3 Phase Motor Controls
Your search for high quality, obscure, hard to find, or standard 3 Phase Motor Controls is over!

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TEMCo - The Best Selling Custom 3 Phase Motor Controls in America



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State-of-the-Art Stock & Custom 3 Phase Motor Control Manufacturer Offering Top Quality at Wholesale Prices

Motor Starter Overview

Motor Starter Wiring Tutorial

3 Phase Motor Control

Call TEMCo today for delivering leading industry products that will supply your electrical needs and help sustain your business functions, such as ordering a 3 Phase Motor Control device for a new building or power expansion.  Call us today at 510-490-2187. 

3 Phase Motor Control Is In High Demand

3 Phase Motor Control is an expanding influence in manufacturing, commercial and large motor installations.  Industrial control, appliance and automation all widely use the induction motor.  These durable and reliable motors are very robust.  An induction motor will operate at rated speed when supplied with power at specifications as recommended by the manufacturer.  However, under many applications variability of speed is desirable.  This will require a 3 phase Motor Control to deliver that capacity for variation.

3 Phase Motor Control History & Capabilities

Traditionally, 3 Phase Motor Control has been accomplished by application of gears and mechanical gear systems.  These had inherent limitations of precision.  Coordination with remote locations and remote equipment would be limited.  With the introduction of solid-state control systems it suddenly became possible to build in a level of three phase motor control previously undreamed of.  A plethora of new capabilities now are considered either standard or highly desirable, as well as feasible, in the 3 Phase Motor Control

The modern 3 Phase Motor Control can adjust motor speed and torque within very precise parameters on the fly.  It can allow precision monitoring and even (when part of the management package) instant graphing of efficiency, power and other parameters.  Coordination with an entire manufacturing plant can be achieved with computer connectivity features.  Electrical and financial efficiency jumps to levels as high as 70% or more.  Another product of this shift to solid-state 3 Phase Motor Controls is an attainment of vastly reduced noise generation within the motor (not to mention the absence of noise from gears no longer used.)

3 Phase Motor Control Applications

3 Phase Motor Controls have to be used when 3 phase power (downline from 3 phase transformers or 3 phase generators) and 3 phase motors are used.  This almost automatically places them as THE motor control of choice for much of the industrial and commercial use for motors.  Factories, manufacturing, paint mixing machinery, processing plants, mills, metal and woodworking machinery, forming operations and much more rely heavily on these devices.  Dry-cleaning equipment, carwashes, packaging equipment, large printing systems, saws, and large motor-operated business equipment all often rely on them.  Many of these will be found installed within motor control centers and coupled with switching gear.

TEMCo's Bright Plan for Its Clients

We at TEMCo know how we like to be treated when we go to buy what we need.  And, even more importantly, we know what we look for in the purchase we make.   We do our best to meet all these ideal circumstances to make our clients feel comfortable with all transactions between us, and to feel confident in the product, the service, and the future eventualities that may ensue.  We manufacture, represent and sell high quality products.  When the customer calls, we provide excellent customer support so the customer will have all questions answered and can feel assured to have chosen the right device for his needs.  Timing can be critical in new installations or during repairs, so we stress fast delivery.  We consider the customer is our customer for the life of his product.  We give lifetime product support.  To back this support we also write the best warranty on the market.  Once all is said and done, this might be enough.  But every potential customer knows he hopes to get the best deal.  And this always entails a great price.  TEMCo goes the extra mile by giving the most competitive prices available.

Highest Quality 3 Phase Motor Controls

Call TEMCo with your specific needs.  TEMCo’s technical sales department has many years of applications experience providing design and engineering assistance for all types of 3 Phase Motor Control installations.

Call Our 3 Phase Motor Control Specialists Today!

*Custom 3 Phase Motor Control Voltage Combinations Available*

Contact our team at TEMCo Transformer at 510-490-2187 to get your quote, place your order and arrange for shipping.

3 Phase Motor Control
3 Phase Motor Controls

3 Phase Motor Controls are absolutely vital to industrial and large-motor applications.
3 Phase Motor Control

TEMCo can supply 3 Phase Motor Controls, whether large or small.
We Supply A Wide Variety of High Quality 3 Phase Motor Control Models

TEMCo Transformer Manufacturer Distribution: The Custom 3 Phase Motor Control Manufacturer Supplier of Choice for Electricians and Manufacturers.

Worldwide Power Transformers Manufacturer

Quick Nationwide and International Shipping from Regional Warehouses

TEMCo Transformer Manufacturer Distribution: High Quality, Efficient, Fast Turnaround of Custom 3 Phase Motor Controls Manufactured to your Specs!

Call for 3 Phase Motor Control information. 
3 Phase Motor Controls manufactured for sale throughout the U.S. and Internationally.


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TEMCo has experience manufacturing electrical products since 1968. TEMCo is a transformer manufacturer supplier you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau. We use the latest proven technology to spec manufacture high quality industrial grade transformers and other electrical products. All our products are built to last using the highest quality standards using only the highest quality supplies. As a result, TEMCo electrical products have a long operational life, lasting many years under proper use. All models are backed by our quality warranty, offering heavy duty quality at a great price.

TEMCo is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.  Offering Stock and Custom Transformers.TEMCo is a Stock and Custom Transformer Manufacturer You Can Trust - a Member of The Better Business Bureau.

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